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Executive Summary

S LADY is a high-quality multi-label clothing and accessories retailer in Singapore. Since its establishment in 2015, they have been the shopping destination for the modern, dynamic, and confident woman. They mainly offer Korean fashion apparels which compared to other countries, Korean sizes are the closest to Singaporean ladies’ sizes. Other than Korean fashion, they also carry premium footwear, leather articles, and accessories. S LADY currently owns two physical stores in Singapore, one located at One Raffles Place and the other at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Customer Segmentation

The target audience of S LADY mainly is millennials to older-aged adults. Their customers with higher spending power are the older age group, 35-44, who usually spend a few hundred per transaction.


The e-Commerce scene in Singapore is rapidly growing and transforming in today’s digital age. When Covid-19 struck, live streaming and bidding became a daily, if not, a weekly event for many businesses. Many businesses are facing a challenge in attracting staying audience for their live streams, including S LADY. Social media marketing became a priority for S LADY to build up the hype for their live events while promoting their new collections.

The Solution

Employing social media marketing strategies across the current social media platforms they are using (Facebook and Instagram) to attract awareness and engagement with both their retail stores and their weekly live streaming.

The Result

Within 16 days of the first campaign Four Media ran for them, the campaign converted $1.1k worth of sales from new enquiries and $540 worth of sales from return customers.

Within the last 2 weeks of December 2020 when their second campaign ran, the campaign converted $1.6k worth of sales from new enquiries and $807 worth of sales from return customers.

After DMP engagement with Four Media, there were increases in their social media interaction on their Facebook page by 23.81%, in orders by 57.14%, and in-store visits through online by 50% – all based on past performance. They reached 3.4k in Facebook Fans and Instagram Followers, 217.5k in Facebook Page Reach and 63k in Instagram Reach.



• Facebook • Instagram •
  • Content Creation (Ad Copy | Design Templates)
  • Graphic Design

  • 2 x Online Campaigns
  • 6-month Campaign & Content Calendar
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Search Engine Optimization

  • DMP Training (Content Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Email Marketing | Facebook & Social Media Advertisement | FB Live | FB Inbox Customised Labeling)
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