SHILLA Duty Free

Social Media Strategy

How Social Media Strategy helps
to validate the COMPANY BRAND?

Executive Summary

The SHILLA Duty Free Singapore is part of the Shilla Hotel – a subsidiary of South Korea’s Samsung Group. Since its establishment in 1994, the brand has become the iconic duty-free store from Korea, which has been recognized for carrying trendy and fashionable makeup and skincare products. The first SHILLA Duty Free Shop opened its doors at Singapore Changi Airport in October 2014, followed by a concept store on 10th February 2015.

Customer Segmentation

Their sales are 100% B2C. The target audience of SHILLA’s customers is 20-50 years old. Many people from all over the world who enter, exit, or transfer through Singapore Changi Airport are equipped with consumption power and disposable income to purchase branded cosmetics.


While being a highly recognized and popular brand in Korea, the SHILLA brand was relatively unfamiliar to the Chinese consumers. Situated in Singapore Changi Airport, the countless number of Chinese tourists is an obvious target audience. The large community of Chinese residents in Singapore also made up an important consumer base. Marketing the SHILLA Duty Free brand in Singapore became a priority.

The Solution

SHILLA Duty Free employed social media marketing strategies across popular Chinese social media platforms such as (Little Red Book, Weibo, and WeChat) to attract awareness and engagement with their stores at Singapore Changi Airport.

The Result

Within a year, their Weibo following grew to 56k, WeChat public account increased by 15.2k followers, and the average exposure rate of Xiao Hong Shu reached 64K. The high exposure rate and the engaging activities on these social media platforms successfully attracted Chinese customers to the brand’s online presence, accumulating in offline consumption at the SHILLA Duty Free Shop. The Singapore Changi Airport SHILLA Duty Free store was effectively marketed digitally to Chinese consumers.



• WeChat Official Account • Tencent Weibo • Xiao Hong Shu (Little Red Book)
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