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What to watch out for content marketing in 2017


Content marketing is king throughout the social media from east to west. Social media in both China and rest of the world are utilizing content as the primary traffic driver, the essential brand builder.

Prospects will only get converted if you offer authorized, genuine and enticing contents with formats ranging from copies, images, video, etc., depending on the nature of business

In the upcoming years, contents continue to be powerful. Still, it is not late to start. Let’s look into the 2017 content trend so you will be able to catch up with the others:




Video marketing is highly efficient and engaging in converting customers. Audiences are growing weary of edited and filtered video marketing campaigns; they crave authenticity and want to witness events via live stream.

2017 has been predicted to be a great year for live streaming, and audiences would desire brands with huge social presence where they can watch content delivered at the moment. Audiences are not alone in this crave for live streaming as more and more brands are beginning to adopt the are also adopting the live streaming approach because of its convenience and a huge return on investment (ROI).



If you are one of those who though the rise to prominence of social media marketing sounded the death kennel of email marketing, you may just be wrong as 2017 has been predicted to be a good year for email marketing. One of the primary reasons for this is the ROI for social media marketing although good, is not as impressive as most persons may think.

Also, email opening rates have been revealed to be increasing. The reason for that may not be entirely clear, but profiting from this growth is the smart thing to do.

The limitations of email marketing are well-known, and it is far from being as creative and as exciting as social media marketing, but the returns on email marketing make financial sense and now are just the time to dust your marketing list.



Economy with information has drummed thoroughly in the past couple of years, but the truth is, people still care to be entertained, not just fed facts. They want accurate information and some entertainment as well.

Infusing some storytelling into your social media marketing is the way to go in the coming year. Doing this might require a lot more time, resources and research but in the long run, it pays. Clients and content marketing agencies have begun to place emphasis on comprehensively designed and well-analyzed content marketing strategies.

In 2017, we will witness the rise of marketing companies who place a premium on keeping their clients not just informed but entertained.


Audiences require marketing strategies which are targeted at their specific needs, and this requirement doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. As marketers seeking relevance in their content marketing strategy, seeing to this need of the audience becomes most crucial in increasing the effectiveness of a campaign.

In creating a niche-focused marketing strategy, a thorough examination of the different segmentation strategies which will give the marketer the advantage to filter customers in the most efficient way.



Now is the time to know virtual reality. Virtual reality may still be an upcoming marketing tool, but if the success of the Pokémon Go is anything to go by, 2017 will be a big year for VR.

For a company looking to stand out from its competition, VR presents a tremendous opportunity for that especially when your target audiences are Millenials or Generation Z who prefer experiential marketing.

According to Greenlight VR, 71 percent of consumers see companies which use VR as progressive and forward thinking. VR is catching on fast, and the opportunity to pioneer in this technology will not always be there.

However, before embarking on your VR journey, find someone who has successfully used it and partner with them.


After knowing that there are so many ways to content marketing, do not wait and start now! If you need help with content marketing strategy and execution, fill in the form below for consultation.