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That (Not So) Dead Space Between Campaigns



So you’ve planned, spent and executed your brand’s big quarterly campaign and it was a huge success. There was a great event, the media was there, the big crowds, you even managed to attract a celebrity who almost stole the show because everyone wanted a picture with her. Everyone was happy. And spending. You put in fifty thousand dollars and sold half a million dollars worth of product.


So what do you do next? Count your money and wait for the next event?



Brands often allocate a huge portion of their annual marketing budgets to large campaigns designed to create a big spike in business and brand awareness. Obviously, the number of spikes and how high they are depend on the size of the brand’s budget. However, no matter how much marketing budget a brand has, there will always be gaps between campaigns and the accompanying dips in consumer interest. Most marketers tend to view these lulls as simply part of the marketing process – a necessary “burn out” phase where the brand goes silent and the focus moves on to planning the next big event.

This was acceptable maybe ten years ago, when the Internet wasn’t a big thing and social media wasn’t around. Back then it was alright, or even necessary to ignore these downtime periods. We live in a different world today.

For every consumer that made a purchase decision during your campaign period, there are thousands even millions others who were interested but simply didn’t buy. Maybe they didn’t have enough money at that point in time, maybe they were undecided. Maybe it’s because you’re selling cars and theirs hasn’t broken down yet. It doesn’t matter. To ignore this demographic will only make them realise one thing – that you’re only interested if they want to throw their money at you at that very moment. That is not a message you want your brand’s communication to have.

4media-microsite-article2-img3This is also why the dead space between campaigns is actually marketing gold.

It gives brands the chance to converse with their fans, listen to, help and also rely on as spokespeople. It is never as loud or shouty as your next big marketing campaign, but it is the most effective way to convert the big interest spikes into an ever growing, always engaged community of fans. Converting interest into an engaged community is a sure way to ensure that your marketing spike never actually drops to zero, giving you a bigger base of fans (and potential buyers) every time you launch a new big campaign, no big budget necessary.